DynaSled with iPad

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DynaSled is a groundbreaking push and pull force-measuring sled, providing detailed leg strength analysis and versatile surface adaptability.
Swift Dynasled

2D force sled data

Specificity in movement dynamics delivers data that better reflects what your athlete is doing in-play.

Static Lab measurements don't always provide the clues you are looking for.

DynaSled is like having a moving Force Plate that highlights differences in Left / Right leg contribution and delivers a slew of metrics to assist you in better understanding the athletes dynamics .

Measure both Push and Pull forces with DynaSled's unique dual purpose design

DynaSled is a world-first. We have applied force vector measuring technology we developed for Olympic track cyclists into to the DynaSled.

DynaSled delivers the same metrics in Push mode.

Some of our metrics

  • Left & Right Peak Force
  • Left & Right Rates of force development
  • Left & Right Peak Power
  • Left & Right Average Power
  • Stride Length
  • Stride Rate
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
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DynaSled with iPad
*data charts are indicative
DynaSled Force Chart

Force vs Time

The DynaSled excels in automatically distinguishing between the left and right leg phases by analyzing the sled's movement within the force output profile. In cases where automatic identification is challenging, users have the option to manually specify which leg is leading before starting each activity. This feature ensures accurate and customized data collection, tailored to the specific dynamics of each leg's effort.
DynaSled Distance Chart

Distance vs Time

By harnessing the acceleration data captured by our onboard MEMS sensors, DynaSled is capable of providing precise distance data for each trial conducted. This integration allows DynaSled to offer accurate timing at any specified virtual point on the Distance-Time chart, enhancing the depth and utility of our analysis.
DynaSled Velocity Chart


This chart, familiar from products priced at triple the cost, offers intriguing insights. The modulation evident in this trace provides valuable data regarding stride length and rate, highlighting the advanced capabilities of this more cost-effective option.
DynaSled Balance Chart

Left and Right balance Data

Studies show that a significant imbalance between the legs may greatly increase the risk of injuries to the hamstring or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Traditional methods like static Nordic testing devices or laboratory dynamometers often fail to detect these imbalances. It's only through field testing that these subtle, yet important, differences can be effectively identified and addressed.

Sprinting loads

When an athlete pulls a sled using a tether, they need to overcome two main opposing forces. The first force is inertia, which refers to the resistance caused by the sled's mass when it is being accelerated. The second force is the frictional load, which is the resistance between the sled's skids and the ground.The tether, which connects the athlete to the sled, applies force at an angle. However, the most crucial aspect to consider is the horizontal force exerted on the sled. Our 2D sensor is designed to distinguish between the Inertial Load (the resistance due to the sled's mass) and the Horizontal Load (the force applied parallel to the ground) from the overall Force vector applied through the tether.

The Sensor

The DynaSled is equipped with Swift's specially designed 2D Loadcell Sensor, which goes beyond traditional load cells that measure force in just one direction. This advanced sensor includes accelerometers and gyros, a microprocessor, and a radio module for connecting to an iPad via the Syncro App.By analyzing the force vector measured by this 2D Sensor, we are able to accurately calculate both the horizontal and vertical forces. This capability enables us to precisely determine the true frictional forces between the DynaSled and the ground, providing a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in its movement.

Sled Specifications

Weight: 17kg (37lbs)
Size: 870 x 530 x 97 mm
Material: Mild and stainless steel chassis
Finish: Textured Powder coated
Skids: Removable
--------brushed stainless steel
--------optional carpeted skids
Wheels: Polyurethane
Carry Case >
Weight: 9kg (~20lbs)
Size: 1190*530*210mm (~47"x21"x8")
Material: TSU-1 Resin
Waterproof: IP67
Interior: EVA Foam

2D Sensor Specifications

Weight: 1.15kg (~2.53lbs)
Size: 2220 x 32 x 80 mm
Force: Strain gage
Mems : 6 DOF
Processor 32bit M3
Radio : Bluetooth and Wifi
Antenna: External 2.5db
Battery: Lipo 3.9V 6000mah
Charging: USB C onnector


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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I preorder when can I expect delivery?

We are in production, and will be shipping to key users in February for final feedback. We expect Pre-Order customer to begin receiving product in Early May.

What accessories does DynaSled come with?

Road case, charger, athlete harness and tether

Does DynaSled come with a warranty?

2 years, please see our warranty statement.

Is my subscription transferable?

Typically, your subscription will not be transferrable, however your hardware can be used by anyone with an existing subscription.

Do I need a subscription to use my DynaSled?

If you chose not to have a subscription you can still use DynaSled with our free Syncro app with reduced metrics.

Does my DynaSled subscription include access to Swift labs?

Yes, your DynaSled subscription will include full access to swift labs.

Will I have access to an API?

API access is an optional extra, contact us for more information.

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